Email is one of the most effective and favorite platforms for communication and most of the people in this ultramodern century check their emails on daily basis. They are supposed to connect all around with this communication channel. But it has been seen that only a few percentages of people use accurate email addresses. Therefore, email validation is the most appropriate and operative way to avoid this human error. As real people start with real identities, thus, your email verification makes your email marketing more interesting and authentic.

You don’t need to be worried about email verification because we are here to help you with all popping up questions in your mind. Let’s dive into the description.

More details about email verification?

Email verification or validation is an ongoing process to make sure that your emails are directly tied to your inbox. Regular hygiene of your emails is the best thing for your email marketing. Moreover, it helps in cleansing your email list to improve the security of data and deliverability to your customers. In other words, email validation ensures that your emails have a destination to go.

Why email validation is important?

Yes, we know that you may have a thought why it is vital to verify your email? Here you go with the answer, because according to Marketing week’s report: almost 60% of consumers deliberately provide incorrect and fraudulent email addresses and personal information. Besides, 10% of email addresses entered into sign up forms and checkouts are invalid.

Therefore, when it comes to invalid information and undelivered messages, it could result in unfortunate consequences. Eventually, it is very indispensable to verify your email lists to avoid junk and false emails.

Why should you verify your emails?

We have found a couple of reasons why should you verify your email addresses.

1- To avoid account suspension

Spam filters, email security services, and service providers all have set portals for complaints about spam, frauds, undelivered messages, and wrong information. So, if you are emailing to an unmanaged list or unauthentic platforms, your account will be suspended.

2- Eliminate Spam Complaints

For every 5k emails sent out your spam complaints must be less. While it seems impossible when people use the wrong emails for the subscription. Therefore, you must reduce your spam complaints by verification.

3- Blacklists

You need to stop your messages from getting blacklisted because sometimes it blacklists your important data and stops it from getting recognized by the server.

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