Terms of Use

The user is accepting fully those terms and circumstances. These terms and conditions administer user’s use of BounceHunter by using our website. Whether the user does not accept these terms and conditions or whichever part of them, the user must not use or access our website. The user must be over 18 years old to use our website. You guarantee that you are over the age of 18, by using our website, and by accepting these Terms and Conditions.

Using of BounceHunter’s Attributes

The user must not misuse our services. The user must pursue whichever policies accomplished existing to the user within the services. If you do so, your lists and account may be suspended and erased, without refund.

For instances;

– The user must not use in any way which is unlawful, illegal, fraudulent, or harmful, in connection with any unlawful, illegal, fraudulent, or harmful purpose or activity. Also, the user must not use our website in whichever way that reasons, or may cause, harm to the website or corruption of the attendance or accessibility of the website.

– The user doesn’t have to give the right to use our website to store, copy, host, transmit, send, use, publish or distribute any material which consists of (or is linked to) any spyware, computer virus, Trojan horse, worm, keystroke logger, root-kit or other malicious computer software.

– The user must not use this website for any purposes related to marketing without BounceHunter’s express written consent. The user should not use this website to conduct or send unwanted commercial channels.

– The user must not conduct any systematic or automated data collection activities (including without limitation scraping, data mining, data extraction, and data harvesting) on or about this website without BounceHunter’s express written consent.

Limited Access

Access to approximate fields of our website is limited. The user should not attempt to access them using any method other than the interface and the directives we have ensured. The access to the entire website, attaching on BounceHunter’s appreciation, or BounceHunter backlogs the right to limit access to areas of our website. If BounceHunter ensures users with an account that will let users access limited fields of our website, other services, or extent, users can be assured that the data is held private. BounceHunter may deactivate your account at BounceHunter’s appreciation without prior notice or explanation.

Extent of user

The user’s extent in these terms and conditions means clause (containing files uploaded besides restraint to be confirmed, emails followed and followed through the service, emails obtained from rest API integration) that user represents to our website, for whatever goal. The user extent is the accountability of the set up that makes it existing. Illegal or should be illegal, must not violate the legal rights of any third side and you BounceHunter or a third side (by any laws that feasible to each of them) shall not cause to be made against legal action. Any threats of legal action (past or true) or are exposed to other parallel complaint was not sent to any user or content of the website.BounceHunter, sent to this website, stored in the BounceHunter server, or published on this website reserves the right to edit or remove any material hosted. The user gives BounceHunter, the only purpose of user authentication data to verify whether the existing e-mail address (e-mail addresses) gives the right to systematically display.BounceHunter staff not to see your data in no time, just “present” or “absent” any temporary error associated with such data and the results of user’s efforts to improve the quality of services BounceHunter.It is encrypted using two-way encryption methods to ensure the security of the user’s data at all times.BounceHunter user’s data will not sell the user’s email address in any way except to confirm, do not share, or do not use. If the user deletes user data from our servers, it will be permanently deleted and unrecoverable.

Regarding these terms

BounceHunter may change one’s terms and conditions every time. The user should check them regularly to make sure the user is informed of the up-to-date versionThe revised terms and conditions will be effective from the date the revision is posted.

Warranties or Guarantees


  • Our website will always be accessible or not available at all.
  • The information on our website is complete, proper, non-illusive, or exact true.


The user expressly waives to claim any liability, contractual or extra-contractual damages to  BounceHunter. Therefore, BounceHunter shall not be liable in any way (under both the law of tort law and the contract law or any other laws) in relation to its content and use, or any other, in connection with our website. Bounce Hunter will not be liable for any direct losses if the website is offered for free.

We not accountable for profits or expected savings, loss of contracts or business relationships, loss of reputation or goodwill, or loss or disruption of information or data. BounceHunter assumes no obligation (whether under the law of contact, the law of torts, or otherwise) with the contents of, or use of our website including any indirect,  private, or substantial loss or for any business losses, loss of revenue, income.

BounceHunter will not always be obliged to reimburse the user for any charges other than the credit package purchased by that user. These limitations of liability apply, even if BounceHunter has been explicitly advised and informed about possible loss.


In these Terms and Conditions, nothing will exclude or limit our duties, or limit any warranty and liabilities under any applicable legislation or any conduct of business rules which we are bound to comply with the law.

On this website, nothing in the disclaimer limits or excludes  Bounce Hunter’s liability for:

  • Fraudulent or fraudulent misrepresentation on behalf of Bounce Hunter; or
  • BouncerHunter’s exclusion, limitation, claim, or attempt to exclude liability will be illegal or unlawful.


By using our website, you agree that the terms and conditions, including liability exclusions and limitations, are reasonable. You should not use our website if you do not think these are reasonable.

Third and Other Parties

BounceHunter, as a limited liability organization, has an interest in limiting the personal liability of its employees that’s why the user should be the knowledge that and agree.BounceHunter officers or employees, in any connection with our website in respect of any loss suffered by the user, agree that you will not have any personal claims.

The user agrees that the limitations of liability and warranties are expressed without bias in the last paragraph. Along with these conditions; BounceHunter’s officers, employees, affiliates, agents, assignments will retain their successors and sub-contractors as well as the Bouncehunter itself.

Unapplied provisions

If any provision (or part of a provision) of these Terms is found by any court or administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, unenforceable, or illegal, the other provisions referred to in these conditions will remain in force.


User agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless BounceHunter, including Really BounceHunter Agents, from and against any claims, causes of action, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses,  (including without limitation legal expenses and any amounts paid by BounceHunter to a third party in settlement of a claim or dispute on the advice of BounceHunter’s legal advisers) and expenses, whether in contract, tort or otherwise, arising out of or related to the BounceHunter site, anything displayed on the site, or user’s breach of any obligation, warranty, representation or covenant outlined in these Terms.

Violation of the terms of use

A breach or violation of any of the Terms will result in an immediate termination of the user’s account and right to use our Service.

BounceHunter’s have the right to take action as appropriate to deal with, to take any of the following actions in our sole discretion at any time and for any reason without giving you any prior notice  :

  • Restrict, suspend, terminate, or including prohibiting user’s access to all or any part of our website;
  • Change, suspend or discontinue all or any part of our products or website;
  • Blocking computers using the user’s IP address from accessing the website;
  • Contacting your internet service provider to demand they block user’s access to the website ;
  • 5.And/or taking actions in a court of law against the user.


The user may not assign any of your rights or obligations under these Terms without our prior written consent. BounceHunter may transfer, sub-contract or freely assign our rights and obligations under these Terms, either in part or in full, without notice to you.

Severability Clause

If any part of a provision of these Terms and Conditions is determined by any court or other competent authority to be unlawful and/or unenforceable, the other provisions will continue in effect and apply. Also, the rest of the provision will be applicable, if any illegal and/or unenforceable provision has been found to be legal or enforceable but some of it has been deleted.

Entire aggreement

They govern user’s use of this website and supersede all previous agreements in respect of your use of this website. These terms and conditions control the relationship only between the user and BounceHunter.

Governing Law And Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the Republic of Turkey and interpreted accordingly. The use of these terms and conditions or all claims related to them will be exclusively in the courts of Istanbul and the user and BounceHunter will consent to personal jurisdiction in these courts.

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